Tuba is a minor character in The Secret of Anastasia and is a musical instrument who is revealed to actually be Czar Nicholas II, along with the rest of his family at the end of the film.

Tuba as an instrument.

Czar Nicholas IIEdit

He was killed along with the rest of his family infront of Anastasia when the revoloutionaries attack in the prolouge. It is revealed by Alexandra, his wife, that he is Czar Nicholas II instead of just a talking tuba. He then travels to heaven with his family in the last few minutes of the film.


His life as Tuba consists of playing with the other instruments to compose Anastasia's songs that are just getting sadder and sadder. Tuba is constantly annoyed by his two musical children and is also dropped by numerous people throughout the film. He is quite fond of the fact that he is an orchesteral insturment and not a part of a marching band.